10 Must-try Dishes in Tainan!

Hi! Hi! Long time no see, really sorry for the late post ><
I'm back now, with a new culinary post! Do you know which part of Taiwan is famous for its food? Yep, today we're talking about Tainan!

When I asked my friend where did he come from? He said "Tainan", then he will tell me all the mouth-watering foods in Tainan that I should try. Don't worry, I will share it with you here!

First, let me tell you where Tainan is. Tainan is located at the southwest of Taiwan and it's the oldest city in Taiwan. So, don't compare its environment with Taipei city. haha! Living in Tainan have its own perks though, the stuffs are very cheap and it's not hectic, the atmosphere is really calm and serene, I love it!

Well, enough with the introduction, let's get started! Note that I don't write this list in ascending or descending order, I just think that you should try these 10 food in whatever order you'd like! First up is....

1. 六千牛肉湯 (Beef Soup) !

This "Beef Soup" shop is only open in the morning, from 5AM until sold out, which is usually around 8AM! A lot of people will start queueing from 4AM on the weekend. So, you need to set that alarm clock and get up earlier if you want to try this one! :)
Price for 1 bowl of beef soup is NT$120.

Address:  No. 63, Section 1, Hai'an Road, West Central District, Tainan City
Open Hour: Friday-Monday (5AM-10AM),close on Tuesday-Thursday.
For more information: www.facebook.com/六千牛肉湯

2. 勝利早餐 (Shengli Breakfast)

Actually, this shop is selling foods like other breakfast shop, you can have 蛋餅 (pancake Taiwan), toast, sausage, dumpling, soy milk, etc. Taiwanese really loves eating breakfast, if you haven't tried their breakfast, you're missing out on something good! Not only delicious, the price for the food here is pretty cheap.

Address: No. 119, Shengli Road, East District, Tainan City
Open Hour: Monday-Sunday (4.30-10.30PM)

3. 周氏蝦捲 (Shrimp Roll)
This Chou Shrimp Roll is very famous because of its shrimp roll, and they have many branches. It’s really delicious, and I really recommend you eat it while it's still warm, so good! With NT$60, you can get 2 slices of this shrimp roll.

Address: No. 408-1, Anping Road, Anping District, Tainan City
Open Hour: Monday-Sunday (10AM-10PM)
For more information: www.chous.com.tw
4. 福相麻辣香鍋 (Fu Xiang Spicy Hotpot)
This one is for you, spicy lovers out there! This is a dry hotpot dish, where you choose the meat, vegetable, tofu, noodle, and other ingredients that you'd like to eat, and then they will cook it together with their sauce and add their famous chili, and you can choose your preferred spiciness level, from not spicy, until burning hot. It's spicy! But I guarantee you can't stop wanting for more!  For the price, it's about NT$200++, depends on how much ingredients you choose.

Address: No. 34, Section 3, Zhonghua East Road, East District, Tainan City
Open Hour: Wednesday-Sunday (4.30PM-12AM), Monday-Tuesday is closed
For more information: www.facebook.com/fuxiang.tainan

5. 西海岸活虾之家 (Seafood)
Some of you may know that I really loves seafood, so seafood lovers, I highly recommend this restaurant. Their specialty is their prawn, and they can cook it in different styles, so you can just choose the one you like, and eat on! They also provide other dishes aside from the mouth-watering prawns, so no worries! For this one, you should prepare around NT$350++.

Address: No. 160號, Section 2, Zhonghua North Road, North District, Tainan City
Open Hour: Monday-Sunday (11AM-1PM)
For more information: www.facebook.com/西海岸

6. 矮仔成蝦仁飯 (Shrimp Rice)

Still related to seafood, this one is a shrimp rice specialist. Not only that, they also sell century egg & tofu, egg, pork rice, etc, so I recommend you to order a bowl of shrimp rice and eat it together with the side dishes, yum! For this one, you also need to queue because usually the place is crowded. For guys, note that the portion for the shrimp rice itself is pretty small, so my male friends usually order 2 bowls!

Address: No. 66, Section 1, Hai'an Road, West Central District, Tainan City
Open Hour: Wednesday-Monday (8.30AM-7.30PM), Tuesday is closed
For more information: www.shrimprice.com.tw

7. 小東路麻辣關東煮 (Kanto Food)
關東煮 (Guan Dong Zhu) is a Taiwanese dish, very similar to Japanese Oden. So basically, you can choose whatever ingredients that you want, like what kind of noodle, meat, vegetables, etc but the special thing here is the soup. Personally, I don't think the soup is really spicy, but I really loved the smell of the soup. They only open at night and you should queue before it's open, because this one is also very popular and quite cheap. This stall is outdoor, but still especially popular during cold nights in winter, imagine slurping those warm soups during windy nights, gosh... Lastly, I think you need to check their Facebook, to check if they are open or not, because sometimes the close on irregular times.

Address: No. 108, Xiaodong Road, East District, Tainan City
Open Hour: Monday-Saturday (8.20PM-2AM), Sunday (8.20-12AM)
For more information: www.facebook.com/XiaoDongLuMaLaGuanDongZhu

8. 同記安平豆花 (Jellied Tofu)
What could be better after a good portion of food? Desserts!! Desserts are the best! Tainan is popular for its Jellied Tofu, especially the ones in Anping District. You can find a lot of jellied tofu stalls in Anping, but my favourite is still this one (Tong Ji An Ping Dou Hua, Dou Hua means jellied tofu). Other than the famous jellied tofu, they also serve snowflake ice. The price starts from NT$35.

Address: No. 433, Anbei Road, Anping District, Tainan City
Open Hour: Monday-Sunday (9AM-11PM)
For more information: www.tongji.com.tw

9. 依蕾特布丁 (Egg Tart & Pudding)

God, just look at those! Looks so yummy, right? This is Elate, one of my favourite dessert shop, and as far as I know, they only have a shop in Tainan, so grab your chance while you're there! Their specialty is the egg tart, but the puddings are also highly recommended. While they also sell creme brulee, I haven't tried it yet, so I can't say anything about it, but the next time I go to Tainan, I'll definitely try it!

Address: No. 422, Anping Road, Anping District, Tainan City
Open Hour: Monday-Friday (10.30AM-9.30PM), Saturday-Sunday (10AM-9.30PM)
For more information: www.elate.com.tw

10. 義豐阿琦冬瓜茶 (Winter Melon Tea)
If you've been in Taiwan for quite some time, you may have noticed that they sell a lot of Winter Melon Tea. This one is the more famous Winter Melon Tea Shop in Tainan, called 義豐阿琦冬瓜茶 (Yi Feng A Qi Dong Gua Cha) They sell winter melon tea that is mixed with other ingredients, like lemon, nata de coco, oolong tea, etc. My personal favourite is of course, the original winter melon tea! The price range is NT$15-NT$40, depending on the flavor and size.

Address: No. 436, Anping Road, Anping District, Tainan City
Open Hour: Monday-Friday (10.30AM-10PM), Saturday-Sunday (10AM-10.30PM)
For more information: www.facebook.com/義豐阿琦冬瓜茶

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