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Hello! It has been a long time to get me write again. Really a hideous months back then, maybe later we will write a post about that, because it was a long story. Don't worry, we will start again, continue and expand our lovely blog so we can reach all the readers out there. So, stay tune for more fun contents! Without further ado, let's start our talk about a beautiful secret coastal located in Yilan. 
Started when I was still working, it gave me a lot of stress and pressure, so I think I needed to have a little break on a quiet beach and just chill. I did a research on the internet and I found Dali Coast and it was two hours train ride from Taipei. You have to take the ordinary train (NT$94/pax) and buy the ticket right from the locket. 

This coast is easy to reach, it is behind the Dali train station, 5-7 minutes by foot. Enjoy every single corner scenery of the green and blue, perfect combination of the nature. Take a slow step and relax yourself. A perfect place to calm and be peaceful for a day. The perk of being here is that it's not exposed yet as a tourism spot, so less people come here to take photos. This place is all yours!

What a relaxing trip that day was, but a little reminder for you guys, better take a water bottle and other essentials with you since there is still no convenient store nearby. Stay hydrated because it's summer, super hot. Near this coast there is also a secret trail which will lead you to a bridge. The view was just amazing, standing on the bridge staring blankly to the blue sea and blue sky just made me forget all the stress. 

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Dali Coast
Ticket : NT$94 (ordinary train)
Location 261, Yilan County, Toucheng Township, Dali Road, 71-19號 


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