[Taipei] 一蘭 Ichiran Ramen-The Most Delicious Ramen in Taiwan?!

Ichiran ramen is originally from Japan, people say Ichiran is the number one ramen in the Japan, but is it number one in Taiwan, though? We'll see...

They opened their first store in Taipei a few months ago, but even now, you still need to queue for about 1-2 hours to get a seat! So unbelievable,  right? Not to worry, Ichiran opens 24 hours a day so you have a lot of time to go there!

While queuing, the waiter/waitress will give you a menu to order. One sheet of menu for one person.

You can choose the density of the sauce, the hardness of the noodle, how much garlic you want, want it really spicy? No problem! You can choose your one-of-a-kind bowl of ramen here! I believe they also provide the menu in English.

The original price is NT$288. If you want additional meat or other condiments, you need to pay more, obviously.

While you are waiting for the ramen on your table, they provide a water dispenser to quench your thirst!

Ichiran specialty is in their spicy red sauce. They say that it's a mix of 30 kinds of ingredients with their own unique blended peppers as base. That's what make Ichiran ramen very rich in flavor.

That day, I choose "hard" noodle with dense soup (not sure if dense is the right word here, I mean a strong flavoured soup). I think it really suits my tastes and I LOVED it!

The design of the seat is unlike any other restaurant. One table for one person, separated by a wooden separator, so not really the place to go if you're planning to mingle with your friends.

Although this ramen is quite pricey, but it's undeniable that the ramen is really delicious and make me wanna come back again! And yes, Ichiran ramen is personally my favourite ramen in Taiwan! Four Thumbs Up!

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一蘭 Ichiran Ramen

Open Hour : Monday-Sunday, 24 hours (National Holiday may be differ)
Official Website : en.ichiran.com
Location :  No. 97, Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110


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