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      Although it has already been a few months since new year, I still remember my new year first lunch at Taipei! It's at a place called Drip Cafe, one of my friend's recommendation. It's located at Zhong Xiao East Road. The atmosphere is good and the foods are amazing. 

      Lucky for me, because my friend has already made a reservation for us, so we don't need to queue :p 
Recommended to make a reservation beforehand, especially on holiday or lunch hour, because this cafe is pretty popular.

Let's look at the menu, shall we?
They serve coffee, tea, cocoa, fresh juice, salad, pasta, sandwich, and also dessert.

The minimum charge for each person is a glass of beverage. It's a good thing, so you don't have to order any food if you don't really want to eat. But, I think you should try their pasta and dessert.
蝦三明治 Shrimp Roll NTD200

鮮辣蝦麵 Spicy Shrimp NTD230
青醬蔬菜麵 Veggie Pesto NTD190
泡菜豬肉麵 Creamy Kimchi Pork NTD210
奶油雞肉麵 Chicken Alfredo NTD210

香蕉巧克力可拿滋 Choco Banana Croissant Donut NTD200
I think all of them really looks yummy and mouth watering. Don't you agree?
熱可可 Hot Cocoa NTD130
特調咖啡(冷) Drip Coffee NTD130
拿鐵 (冷) Latte NTD130
抹茶歐蕾 Matcha Latte NTD130
蘋果汁 Apple Juice NTD130
It's really refreshing and tasty, you can find some slice of fresh apple inside the juice :D

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Open Hours : 11.30AM-10.00PM
Phone : 02 2764 8181
Recommended Menu : 泡菜豬肉麵 Creamy Kimchi Pork, 奶油雞肉麵 Chicken Alfredo, 香蕉巧克力可拿滋 Choco Banana Croissant Donut, 熱可可 Hot Cocoa, 蘋果汁 Apple Juice
Price range : NTD300-400
WiFi : Yes
Credit Card : No
Location : No. 26, Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City


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