【Taichung】 鱻屋 Xian House Sashimi

     How's your day? Are you guys enjoying the summer?! I know it's really hot in Taiwan, but a good meal always refreshes your energy! So, here goes!
       Can you guess what kind of restaurant "鱻屋" or "Xian House" is? It's a japanese restaurant, they sell sashimi (with rice or sashimi only), sushi, and also rice with meat and vegetables. I never heard about this place before, but my friend found this place while looking for a japanese restaurant. So we decided to try!
        It's located at Taichung city at Jingcheng Rd, the place is pretty small but it's packed most of the time. 
       They have an English menu for some foreigner, but they gave us the Chinese menu. 
1. 鮭魚生魚片蓋飯 - Salmon Sashimi with Rice - NT$160
2. 海膽鮭魚蓋飯 - Sea Urchin & Salmon with Rice - NT$230
3. 甜蝦油魚蓋飯 - Sweet Shrimp & Fish? with Rice - NT$140
4. 炙燒鮭魚蓋飯 - Roasted Salmon with Rice - NT$180
5. 鱻屋招牌蓋飯 - Xian House Signature Dish (Rice) - NT$120
Notice that 3 of the top 5 menu have salmon in it, maybe you should try their salmon :p
You can choose and buy the drink from the fridge. But most of it are soft drinks.
They don't use table number, but they give a name for a each table, each name is taken from a place in Japan, for example, the sign above says 北海道,it means Hokkaido. 
Miso Soup
The soup is complimentary as long as you order any food. There's only tofu inside, not salty at all, I say the flavour is too plain.
龍蝦沙拉 Lobster Salad NT$60
鱻屋招牌蓋飯 Xian House Signature Dish (Rice) NT$120
This one contains various fish, egg, cucumber, crab, etc. 
They use sushi rice for every menu, which means they add vinegar into the rice, so the rice itself has its own flavour, quite interesting.
鮭魚生魚片蓋飯 Salmon Sashimi with Rice NT$160
       From a rating of 1 to 10, I give it a solid 8. Definitely going to come back here for more! Try other sashimi and their sushi :)

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鱻屋 Xian House - 生魚片丼
Opening Hours : Closed on Monday
                          Tuesday-Friday 11.30AM-2.00PM, 05.00PM-10.00PM
                          Saturday-Sunday 11.30AM-02.30PM, 05.00-10.00PM
Location : No. 10, Jingcheng Rd, Xitun District, Taichung City


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