【Taichung】Haritts Donuts & Coffee

      Almost a month after one of my friends recommended this place,  I can't wait to go here, and when I went there, it is already too late and they're closing soon. Fortunately, two weeks ago I have some free time after class, and I ask my friend who came from Taipei to join me to look for some desserts. And he said, "How about Haritts? (Yeah, this place is called Haritts by the way).  "Oh yes, sure" I said. You know.. It's like finally I have a chance to go there. Yay!

    So, at 12 pm my class is over. I went to eat lunch first, and wait until 3 pm to go to Haritts.  (We booked our place for 3 pm). The place is located at Zhongxing St, about 10-15 minutes by motorcycle from my place near Chung Hsing University.
     Going inside to the shop, the place is quite small but looks so cozy and not so many people there. It's a good thing, we don't need to queue in line to order (my friend said when he is in Taipei, he needs to queue in line because there are so many people who want to order!). Maybe it's because I went there on weekday

     You can look the menu on their wall, or directly go to the cashier and see what they have today. Yeah, they don't provide all the menu everyday, if I'm not mistaken, their menu called "Earl Grey" is only available on Wednesday & Friday.
Actually my friend wanted to order that earl grey, but unofortunately we came on Thursday. He said Earl Grey is delicious and he likes it very much.
Summer Limited Edition!
French Chips

If you want to dine in (內用), then you need to buy 1 kind of drink (It's minimum payment for 1 person).
It said this table is only for dine in, and time limit is 2 hours on weekend.
原味 Plain NT$35

肉桂葡萄乾 Cinnamon Raisin NT$40
抹茶原味 Matcha Plain NT$50
I think this one is a little oily.
胡麻紅豆 Gama Anko NT$55
There is red bean inside this donuts.
小紅蔔 Carrot NT$45
覆盆子白巧克力 Rasberry White Choco NT$45
奶油起士 Cream Cheese NT$60
Maybe the appearance is similar to the Plain one. But when you bite it, you can see and taste the cream cheese inside it. So yummy!

冰蜂蜜拿鐵 Ice Honey Latte(S) NT$65 (Before mix)
(After mix)
冰可可亞 Ice Cocoa (S) NT$55
     Definitely gonna come back here again to try the other flavours! So delicious and addicting!

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Haritts Donuts & Coffee
Open Hour : Tuesday-Sunday, 11.00 AM-07.00 PM. Closed on Monday
Official Website : http://haritts.com/
Location : No. 6, Lane 128, Zhongxing St, West District, Taichung City


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