【Aowanda National Park】First trip in 2017

Hi guys! Long time no see ! Great to be back, this is actually my first post in 2017. Although its already too late, let me say Happy New Year to you! New year, new hope, new journey. Yay! :p

A view on the way to Aowanda
Talk about journey, this January I went to a place called Aowanda ( in chinese called 奧萬大). It's a really beautiful place and there's a lot of place to explore. You are not only can see Formosan gum ( A bit similar to a Maple tree), there are also a Chinese pistaches, pine trees, and other plants.
The entrance to Aowanda National Park
How to get there?
1. By car or motorcycle
Aowanda is located in Nantou county, and its about 3 hours trip by motorcycle from Taichung, but I recommend you to drive or rent a car, because I think 3 hours trip by motorcycle is really  tiring. 

2. By public transportation
If you don't want to drive a car or ride a bike, you can also take the bus, but it will obviously take more time. You can take Nantou bus 6662 "Puli - Aowanda" or Ok Bus 觀光巴士.

One of the famous photo spot
For Nantou bus 6662, you need to make a reservation first, which is limited for 4 people per reservation. Also, they only provide one bus/day. Please call +886 492984031 ext.23 (Monday~Friday / 8:30~12:00,13:00~17:00), and reservation must be 2 weeks before the arrival.
One way ticket: NT$154, round trip ticket : NT$300 (Does not include Aowanda admission fee)http://www.ntbus.com.tw

For Ok Bus, it more convenient but the price is higher for about NT$750 (Aowanda admission fee included). The bus will depart from 霧社 (Wushe) → Aowanda → back to Cingjing Hotel.

We arrived at noon, so we decided to look for a place for us to sit and enjoy our lunch.  

For the entrance ticket, it depends, they charge NT$200 for general ticket, and NT$100 for student and child (7-12 years old). You can check it for more details on their official website below (link in the end of this post) ;)

As I've said before, this place is really large, its total area is about 2,787 hectares!

This bridge is sturdy enough, no need to be afraid ;)

After you passed the bridge, you can see a lot of pine trees there. This place is located on the very edge of Aowanda 

Actually I was a little disappointed, we already checked that there will be maple trees at mid January-February, but we don't have a chance to see the beauty of maple trees there, maybe it's because we didn't come at the right time(?)

If you decided to come here, I recommend you to arrive earlier, so you can explore all the area and take photos without needing to worry about the time. When we are on the way back to the parking area (about 5PM), the sky was already getting dark and there's no one else except us. 

Note :
Wear a comfortable shoes
* If you are a student, don't forget to bring your student ID card. 

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Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area
Open Hour : Monday-Sunday, 08.00AM-05.00PM
Parking fee : NT$100/car, NT$20/motorcycle
Ticket : NT$10-NT$200
Official Website : http://awdonline.forest.gov.tw
Location : 南投縣仁愛鄉親愛村大安路153號


  1. Love your story jennels!! hope to hear more of your adventure! Especially food adventure

    1. Thanks @ANSLAY your support is greatly appreciated :)


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