Plan for Summer Trip | Snorkeling in Kenting

Kenting is very famous for its beachside recreation spots, and it is the perfect place for summer vacation. It is located at the southern tip of the island of Taiwan. Nowadays, the weather here is freezing cold and it reminds me of steamy summer days when I got the chance to try my first snorkeling experience in Kenting. 

There are many snorkeling and diving companies in Kenting which offer different location and courses. This one is the nearest to our hotel, located in Wanlitong District. We booked for the 1-hour snorkeling course for NT$350 and it comes with the coach to teach us what to do in the open sea. Let's go swim!

It was such a fascinating and thrilling to see the world under water. I realized that the bottom of the sea slowly went deeper and disappearing as we swam along, and the beautiful creatures welcomed us. Looking at a different side of the world, it was just mesmerizing and made me think that the world is a wonderful place!

 The coach gave us small pieces of bread so that the fish come and gather and we could take some pictures together. Just remember don't let your bread snatched away by the fish! Besides that, the coach also showed some awesome cool tricks, like making bubble rings! 

It was like going on an adventure, we got to discover amazing views and know more about the creatures living inside. It is definitely worth to try experience and will make you want to try snorkel in a different place! 

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Open Hour: Monday-Sunday, 8AM-6PM (National Holiday may differ)
Official Website:  <-- book your course here
Location: No. 24-1, Wanli Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 946


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