Lazy Weekend Brunch Ideas

 Hello everybody! Have you ever felt confused about what to choose for breakfast? If your answer is yes, then take a look at our newest post which will help you satisfy your tummy during those lazy weekends!

1. The Antipodean

This one is Australian-inspired third wave coffee shop based in Taipei which serves breakfasts, lunch, drinks, and coffee. The ambiance itself is cozy, suitable for enjoying your late morning coffee.

 Though the menu choice here is not that various, but it will still make you confuse on choosing what you're going to eat and drink. So, we chose the cafe signature brunch which seems different from the other brunch dishes. Here you go.

The Antipodean Big Breakfast $320
Homemade sausage, bacon, fried mash potato, baked tomato, omelet, sourdough bread, stir-fried mushrooms, and baked beans.

This one is similar to the classic English Breakfast. The portion is quite big, enough for one person, the most important one this dish is not too greasy and tastes quite good. If you combine the sausage and the omelet with a bit of fried mash together, what a perfect combination!

Avocado Baked Egg $280
Avocado, pine nuts, egg, mashed potato, Spanish sausage, tomato, and sourdough bread.

This one is also surprisingly good too! Avocado and egg (especially soft boiled) are perfect together. Mashed potato mixed with Spanish sausage is unexpectedly great too, spiced up perfectly. If you eat it together with the avocado, it will meet the balanced texture. Recommended for avocado lovers out there!

Chamomile Tea $190 | Italian Hot Chocolate $150

The Italian Hot Chocolate is not like the other ordinary hot chocolate, it feels like you're eating chocolate. For chocolate lovers out there (especially the dark ones) should try this. FYI: There aren't many shops selling hot chocolate drinks like this, such a rare treasure!

Open Hour: Tuesday-Sunday, 10AM-6PM
Official Website:
Location: 台北市內湖區港墘路26巷4號
Price: $$$

2. September Cafe

Located at Daan District in Taipei which is commonly known for its crowd and famous exotic cuisines. When you go inside the cafe, it welcomes you with the unique European ambiance. It is a great place for hanging out with friends and having a long chit-chat with them. FYI: September Cafe not only serves brunch, but they also open until dinner time and it offers beautiful course set.

For the menu, it also does not have that various choice, so we chose its signature brunch dish and a bowl of fresh yogurt mix!

September Brunch $450
Deep fried potato, salad, Frankfurt sausage, scrambled egg, yogurt, homemade bread, juice.

Rainbow Yogurt Bowl $260
Various fruits, granola, yogurt.

You can see from the picture above, the portion itself is quite huge for one. It looks satisfying, besides the taste is good enough for the price. Actually, the Rainbow Yogurt is surprisingly good. It looks great for posting on Instagram and the freshness could give me the energy for starting the day! 

Open Hour: Mon-Fri 11:30 - 22:00 Sat-Sun 09:00 - 22:00
Official Website:
Location: 台北市大安區四維路14巷1號
Price: $$$

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