Taichung's Trampoline Court - NINJA FACTORY

     Last holiday, was a really busy one. I went to lots of places, so I have so many stories to tell you guys, but unfortunately I don't really have a time to write it all down in just one day. haha! So, let's start with Ninja Factory. You must be wondering, what is it? Is it a factory which produces ninja? Of course not, it's a place for those of you who likes to have fun while also excercising. Yeah, It's a trampoline court, right here in Taichung. You can jump, roll, tumble and bounce all you want right here!
        This place was opened on January 1st and it's located in Taiwan Boulevard section 2, at the right hand side if you're coming from Taichung Main Station. On the day I went there, I was kind of lost, because our GPS gave us the wrong direction. But, they should've already fixed it by now.
      So, this place is in the B1 (basement level) of the building. So after you arrive, you need to walk down the stairs and you can see a big, pink-colored sign board that says "NINJA FACTORY".

For the price,
NT$270/hour per person (Members : NT$250/hour); 
NT$1,000 annual membership (with 4 free passes, 1 pair of socks)
Cash only.
      You need to bring your own socks or you can just buy a pair there, because they require you to wear socks while inside. The socks they provide are the anti-slip socks, I was wearing a normal socks, and it's really slippery! So bring an anti-slip socks if you have one.
       Not only jump or bounce, we can also play a dodge ball/basketball in there, and they also provide an Olympic trampoline, where someone can practice flips into a foam pit and they also have a Jump Aerobic class. 
      I think it's a really fun and tiring activity. And you never know how much fun this place is until you've tried it for yourself!. Have a good day, everyone! :)
Note :
- Bring a socks (Anti-slip socks if you have one)
- Bring a bottle of water (actually they provide a vending machine)
- Bring a NT$10 coin (if you want to put your bag in the locker)
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Open hours : Monday-Sunday 10.00AM-10.00PM
Phone : 04 2317 3377
For more information : https://www.facebook.com/NinjaFactoryTAIWAN/
Location : Taiwan Blvd, Sec 2, B1, Xitun Dist


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