Unexpected Trip in early 2016

       Hi everyone! First, let me say.. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Yeah, It's my second time spending Chinese New Year in Taiwan actually. The first CNY I spent it in Yangmingshan on 2015, it's located in the northern part of Taiwan and famous for its beautiful scenery, hot spring and cold weather. Then, in January 2016 I came back here to Yangmingshan without any planning. Me and my friends went to a place called 小油坑, Xiaoyoukeng. 小油坑 itself is known for fumarole (mountain-side sulfur gas exhaust) and sulfur crystals, which is located about 800 meters above sea level.

      We can climb up the mountain through a hiking trail and observe the fumarole closer. But, because we didn't prepare to go to this mountain area, I wore a heeled shoes so I had some difficulties climbing the mountain. It's really tiring going to the top..

      We can actually see the starry sky at night when we reached the top, but that day we were already too tired to stay and the area is really dark (They don't put any street lamps or any means of lighting, so make sure bring a flashlight with you if you're planning to stay there after the sun sets). We thought it would be dangerous to keep walking in the dark, so we just turned back and went home. As if there's not enough problem, it started raining on our way down, making the trail really really slippery.

      Before you actually reached this place, you can stop by a small spot to see a really beautiful scenery. From there, you can see clouds and mountains below you, it feels like we're on some kind of place above the cloud! It was really really cool.

Note : 
- Wear sport shoes.
- Wear jacket (it's a mountain so it's quite cold there)
- Bring your own flashlight if you want to climb at night
- Bring some water (climbing is tired and makes you thirsty,right?)
- Be careful when driving up the mountain road.

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