【Taichung】Best Italian Food in Taiwan!

                         Hi everyone! Did you guys miss me? :p
I've been so busy lately so I don't have much time to share and upload my story >< 
But don't worry! Today, I have some spare time and I'll tell you about my birthday dinner. Oops. Yeah, actually last month, April, was my birthday!

     So, that time I went to the restaurant called " FATTY'S " , its located at Gongyi Rd. As you may have known already, that there are a LOT of great restaurants located at Gongyi Rd.
Here's the menu
Take your time because they do have a lot of menu choices, haha


They serve 8 kinds of pasta, like angel hair, spaghetti, fettuccine, ink spaghetti, pappardelle, fusilli, gnocchi, and also penne. So you can freely choose what kind of pasta you want. Really nice, right? 
For each main course you order, you will also get one handmade bread, a plate of salad, and one dessert of the day.
Also, for NT$40, you can upgrade your salad or your soup to a bigger portion.
Handmade Bread - They serve it warm, so it's really spongy and yummy!
You must been wondered why there is 2 flavors in this pizza. So yeah you can choose any kind of pizza and mix it together. Don't need to confused again haha.  

Norge Pizza - smoked salmon, frisee, onions, capers, and sour cream NT$490
You can choose the crispy thin crust pizza, or the thick bread pizza. And the one the picture is the thin one. Oh yeah, that small round brown called capers is quite sour, haha
Just look at that smoked salmon, really mouth watering, right? :9
奶油醬汁炸蝦義大利麵佐巴薩米可醋膏 NT$370
Fried Prawn Balls with Cream Sauce and Drizzled with Balsamic Glazed
For this one, the waitress recommended a wide noodles, and I choose Fettuccine.
獨門泰式醬海鮮 Seafood Deluxe Pasta with Thai Style Cream Sauce NT$390
For the pasta, I choose fusilli. I don't know why, I just think that fusilli will suit this pasta flavour well, and I want to eat fusilly anyway. Good choice, this one is dense enough and really tasty of course.
Dessert of the day - Panna cotta
Although it looks pretty ordinary, it actually tastes pretty good.
I really love Italian Food and I think this place's pasta & pizza really suits my taste, I've been here three times and I still can't get enough! Two thumbs up for the foods :)
You can see this cute bears when you go up the stairs to the second floor
Actually we want to order more, but we're already full ><

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Opening Hours : Monday-Friday 11.30AM-10.00PM
                          Saturday-Sunday 11.00AM-10.00PM
Phone : 04-22513699
Price > 350NTD
More Information : www.facebook.com/Fattys
Location : No. 259, Section 2, Gongyi Rd, 南屯區台中市408


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