Perfect Treat for Sunny Day!

These few day was really really hot here in Taiwan so we decided to go for a bowl (or bowls) of ice cream!
      Fortunately, my friends told me about this popular ice shop that they've been craving to try, so they invite me to join them, just perfect! Perfect for this kind of hot weather, like its name 剛好 (剛好 means just, exactly, to happen to be).
      When I went there, there a re already many people queuing and we need to wait around 20 minutes, it's actually quite fast, since there are about 10 groups before us.
     They use blackboards to write down the menu, which is attached on the wall behind the cashier. So, we need to go to the front of the cashier to look at the menu and order. A little bit of advice, you should think about what to order while you're waiting for your turn.  
      We order three kind of ice that day. Never thought that the ice is this big, but we ate all of it anyway :p, I think one bowl of ice can be shared between 2-3 people.
珍珠奶茶雪花冰(Bubble Milk Tea Snow Ice) NT$120
招牌剛好【綜合水果】(Signature Shaved Ice - Mixed Fruits) NT$150
芋頭紅豆牛乳冰(Milk snow ice with red bean and yam) NT$100

宇治金時白玉 NT$150
招牌剛好冰 [綜合水果] NT$150
雙牛奶西瓜 NT$120
       Oh! by the way, they also sell some beverages like milk tea and matcha tea, and two choices of toast, peanut and strawberry. Didn't have a chance to try it because we are already too full. Let me know how it tastes if some of you have already tried it!

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Recommended Menu :珍珠奶茶雪花 (Bubble milk tea snow ice)
Opening Hours : Monday-Friday 12.00PM-11.00PM
                         Saturday-Sunday 11.00AM-11.00PM
Phone : 04 2234 0431
Price : NTD$80-150 for 1 bowl of ice
More Information :剛好冰果室
Location :  No. 31, Section 1, Changping Rd, Beitun District, Taichung City, 406


  1. U tried the 仙草 also the matcha green shaved iced! Its really nice! and not to mention the traditional taiwan cakes "花生包餅” (i think thats the name.) which is soft and crispy

    1. Yeah! Of course, I'll try it whenever I go there again. Thanks for your recommendation! :)


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