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      I'm here to introduce you guys to another Thailand flavor in Taichung, which can be found in Yi Zhong Night Market, not too far from Taichung Main Station. This restaurant called 泰萊, and its very popular in Taichung.
     Every time I wanna eat there, its always full of people and we need to wait for around 30 minutes. So, usually I made a reservation beforehand :D You should call the restaurant to make a reservation, if you don't like to wait.

Menu List

Set Meal Menu (for 2 person)

     They serve a 2 person meal set. And it's quite a lot for 2 person, a bit too much actually. haha.. I think if the two of you can't eat too much, you will end up bringing the leftover food home. (Yeah, you can take away the food if you're already too full)
The price for the 2 person meal set is NT$498, and you can choose 5 kind of dishes out of like..30 choices? You also get 2 bowl of rice, and 2 beverages (price NT$40)
These pictures below is the portion of Set Meal for 2 person, and the portion is kind of smaller than the a la carte one.

泰式烤牛肉 Thai Roasted Beef NT$180
蝦醬空心菜 Water Spinach with Shrimp Paste NT$100
綠咖哩雞肉 Green Curry (Chicken) NT$180
月亮蝦餅 Thai Shrimp Cake NT$280
泰式椒麻雞 Thai Hot & Spicy Chicken NT$180
泰式奶茶 Thai Milk Tea NT$40
椰奶冰沙 Coconut Milk Smoothies NT$50
Like I said before, if you choose set meal then you can get 2 drink with price NT$40, so you need to add NT$10 for this one
They also provide free water which is placed in every table.

      The food is really tasty and suits me well. But I think the waitress is not that hospitable, she is very stern to the guests. I never ate here before, so I ask her what kind of drink can I choose if I order the set menu for 2 person, then she just look at me with annoying gaze and doesn't answer me... 

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Opening Hours : Monday-Sunday 11.00AM-09.00PM
Phone : 04 2223 2158
Price : NT$100-250
Location : No. 85, Section 1, Shuangshi Rd, North District, Taichung City


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