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      Last month, I went to Tainan to attend my brother's graduation ceremony. Yeah! My brother is studying in Taiwan too, and he is studying in XX University in Tainan. Can you guess which university? :D
       He took me to a restaurant called "Rolling Egg" , it's near Cheng Kung University by the way, around 5 minutes walking distance. This place is actually is a brunch cafe.
       The waitress and waiter are wearing a sport shirt and short sport pants, I think the concept is to make it look like they are after doing some sport in the morning before going to work, looks comfortable :)
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    The minimum order is NT$100 and I think you need to prepare your tummy, because the portion of the food is pretty big, as most of us can't even finish our own food >.<
It's watermelon juice, and it's complimentary. Really refreshing ~
起司培根蛋捲 Cheese & Bacon Omelette NT$200
Three eggs Omelettes served with toasts and French Fries.
You can choose between French Fries/Hash Browns/Potatoes O'Brien/Mashed Potato/Coleslaw/Mixed Fruit(NT$20)/Steamed veggies or Salad.
起司牛肉堡 Cheese Burger NT$190
火腿班尼迪格蛋 Ham & Eggs Benedict NT$230
Two poached eggs and meat on top of an open-faced English Muffin, topped with fresh Hollandaise sauce. You can also choose the kind of potatoes.
香蕉核桃煎餅早餐 Banana & Walnut Pancake NT$260
肉桂蘋果派 Apple Pie NT$120
Served with one scoop of Ice Cream.
冰巧克力 Ice Chocolate NT$80
       By the way, you can bring your pets in!! But, you need to keep them in their cage or bag, so it won't disturb the others ;)         
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Opening Hours : 08.00AM-03.00PM, 05.30PM-09.00PM
Phone : (06) 236-1993
Minimum Order : 
NT$100. For kid over 5 years or over 110cm tall, the minimum order is one kid's meal
More Information : www.facebook.com/RollingEgg.Tainan/
Location : 
No. 23, Alley 35, Lane 192, Section 2, Linsen Rd, East District, Tainan City


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