If you're a meat lover, I bet you'd love eating an all-you-can-eat restaurant, and this restaurant is definitely a must-try for any meat lover! 
      This place called 烤狀猿 (Bake Shape Ape), doesn't really sure about the meaning of this name. But my friend tell me, maybe its like a parable. It's like someone who has a great score in exam and get a nickname, which is the word "烤" (roast) actually is "考" (test).

The menu
       This place provide many kind of meat, such as chicken, pork, beef, ostrich, etc. You can order as many as you'd like. But, remember not to waste the foods that you've already ordered. Not only it would be wasted, but you must pay for the leftovers.
         Other than grilling, you can also cook the food using the hotpot, they provide you with several types of soups.
They provide a variety of sauces, like 豆瓣醬 (Sticky Chili Bean Sauce),  沙茶醬 (Satay Sauce), and 醬油 (Soy Sauce). You can take whatever you want to make your food tastier. I encourage you to try the Satay Sauce because this sauce is somewhat a trademark sauce in Taiwan. I usually mix the satay sauce with some soy sauce.
All you can eat Ice Cream!!!
You can get your drinks, sauces, and white rice here.
      That day, I went to with my boyfriend's family and they all said it's really worth it, the meat is fresh and the quality is good too. For me, the marshmallow is really good and I will definitely going to order it again when I go there for the second time. 

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Opening Hours : Monday-Friday 11.30AM-12.00AM
                          Saturday-Sunday 11.00AM-01.00AM
Phone : 04 2225 7858
Location : 
No. 8之1, Taiping Rd, North District, Taichung City


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