【Taipei】Ice Monster

       Who doesn't love ice cream? Especially in this hot summer, I think grabbing a bowl of ice definitely crossed your mind. Doesn't matter if it's ice cream or shaved ice, both of them are really refreshing and yummy.
    Last week when my family came to Taiwan, I took them to this place called "Ice Monster", which is located in the 1st floor of Breeze Song Gao, Taipei. This place is very popular and very crowded, partly because the store isn't very big.
      This was also my first time going there actually, and when we arrived we need to queue in a line, and wait to be seated. 
Minimum charge per person is NT$110, and they only gave you 1 hour dine-in duration.

They split the menu into 6 sections, which are: Sensation, Avalanche, Dessert Soup, Freeze, Dessert, and Take Away Product. Sounds interesting, right?
珍珠奶茶綿花甜 Bubble Milk Tea Sensation
荔枝奇異棉花甜 Lychee Kiwi Sensation
NT$250--Daily Limited Supply 
原創新鮮芒果冰 Mango Avalanche
NT$190--Summer Limited Supply 
綠豆仙草粉粿冰 Mung Bean, Grass Jelly & Glutinous Avalanche
Their logo is so cute, the tissue and the box are also designed with this logo.
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Note : No Credit Card (cash only)
          Minimum charge NT$110/person
          One hour dine-in duration limit.
Opening Hours : Sunday-Thursday 11.30AM-10.30PM
                          Friday-Saturday 11.30AM-11.00PM
Phone : 02 8771 0975
More Information: www.ice-monster.com
Location : 台北市信義區松高路16號 (微風松高 1F)


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