【Taichung】神仙草 - 柴燒嫩仙草專賣店

       "There's always room for dessert" 
Yeah! Who agrees with this beautiful quote? Even though you just had your meal, there's still a place for a dessert! That day, we just finished our dinner and one of my friend told me that we should try this kind of dessert. 
    This place is called 神仙草 (Shen Xian Cao), which is 神 means God and 仙草 means grass jelly. Grass Jelly is a jelly-like dessert which can easily found in China , Taiwan and Southeast Asia. 

     All the menu contains grass jelly. I think it's quite unique and grass jelly is supposed to be good for your body.
You can see the different between pure and synthetic grass jelly. The pure one has PH 6, the synthetic has PH>10 and contains chemical. 
To order, we need to use the ipad in front of the order table, like the picture shown below,

You can add other item inside your ice, such as taro ball, red bean, condensed milk, etc. Also, you can take a look at the picture of the ice before you order it.

Minimum charge for 1 person is NT$70, and we can share it with other person. As long as you ordered NT$70/person on average.
For example : There are 5 people of us, so we need to order NT$350 in total. 
純淬嫩仙草雪花冰 NT$90
For this one I add NT$20 to have the taro ball 
明治抹茶嫩仙草雪花盛盤 NT$130
Look at the structure of the ice.It's really soft and still has the grass jelly structure.
精淬嫩仙草雪花盛盤 NT$110

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神仙草 - 柴燒嫩仙草專賣店
Note :  Minimum charge is NT$70/person
           After 09:15PM they only serve take out
Opening Hours : Monday-Sunday, 01.00PM-10.00PM
Location : No. 690, Jianxing Rd, North District, Taichung City


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