【Taichung】 一凜 IchiRin Ramen

        Do you like noodles, or to be more specific, ramen? It's a japanese noodles and  in Taiwan we call it 拉麵 (Literally stretched / pulled noodle). One of the ramen restaurant in Taichung which I go to is called 一凜 or Ichirin. Ichi itself means number one or first in Japanese.  
       Ichirin is located at west district of Taichung in Jingcheng St. near Sogo Taichung. I think the place is not easy to find, because it is not located on the main road actually, and we need to turn left turn right something like that.haha..
       After we looked at the menu, we can directly order the foods by ourselves using their order machine. So cool, right? 
They provide us with mineral water. So, you don't need to order drinks, and you won't be thirsty, and safe from spicy food. 
野菜起司拉麵 Vegetable Cheese Ramen NT$220
胡麻拉麵 NT$260

激辛拉麵 NT$260
This one is quite spicy, as you can see chili sauce on the top of this ramen.
Actually I went there on July this year, and they are holding some events. 
打卡消費 means you need to check in on your Facebook, and they will give you a coupon that you can use for another day ( each person can only get one coupon) 

They have different events for each day!

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一凜日式拉麵 丼飯 庭園餐廳 Ichirin
Open Hour : Monday-Friday 11.30AM-03.00PM, 05.30PM-09.00PM
                    Saturday-Sunday 11.30-09.00PM
Phone : 04 2329 2992
More Information : www.facebook.com/ichirin23
Location : No. 23, Jingcheng 9th St, West District, Taichung City


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