【Taichung】次男 日食料理製作所

        Another day to start a new month. What's your plan for this month, by the way? 
     So this time, we're going for a Japanese restaurant! Located at Xitun Rd near the Gongyi Rd. I went there after finishing my part time job, but I'm quite lost the way to go there because of I have never went there before and I'm not really familiar enough with the streets in Taiwan ><
The place is quite small, but cozy. Like many Japanese restaurant, the interior design is very Japanese-like, with the wooden sliding doors, wooden table and chairs, etc.
They provide noodles, rice, dumpling, vegetable, soup, and beverages.
I heard that their dumpling is a must-try. So, we ordered dumpling and we also tried their noodles. Yum!

次男燒麵 + 半熟蛋 NT$130
For this one I chose soft fried egg, but you can also choose well fried egg, depends on your choice.
They also give a slice of lemon, to add flavour into the noodle. I think it adds a bit of freshness into the dish.
次男燒餃 Dumpling 
For 7 dumplings NT$100
For 10 dumplings NT$140

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次男 日食料理製作所
Opening Hours : Monday-Sunday 05.00PM-11.00PM, closed on Thursday
Location : No. 210, Section 1, Xitun Rd, West District, Taichung City


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