Briller 茪點咖啡

      Hi there! This week jennels are up with a coffee shop review! It is a hidden cafe in the area of Calligraphy Greenway, in a small alley and beautifully decorated, a perfect place to spend your afternoon. A sip of coffee and a bite of waffle could make you a perfect day, really! Let's take a look.
       My friend told me that she has been craving for lasagna lately, then she surfed the internet and finally found this graceful place! Amazing! Inside is a bit spacious, not too noisy, a good place for hangout or maybe doing some homework. Cozy.
Let's take a look at the menu
      Cutie little menu book. Apparently, they have brunch menu, lasagna, fried snacks, easy meals, waffles, and drinks. So finally we ordered:
蟹醬海鮮千層麵 (附濃湯) $210
      A pile of lasagna with white bechamel seafood sauce and vegies. The portion is not too big, I think it was not even enough if you just order this one thing, but we got the next item which you guys must order when you come here.
        This one is the king of all! The most pleasant waffle ever. it has fluffy cream with caramel and nut topping with matcha ice cream on top. the waffle itself is crispy outside but soft inside. Perfect combination! It's too bad that i forgot the name and price. I think it was about $130, not too pricey. Just right for a lovely waffle.
烤堅果拿鐵 $150
        This is the other specialty of the place, oven roasted nut coffee. I think i have never seen one before. What makes it special is the oven roasted nut that make this coffee more fragrant. Whoever loves coffee and nuts, this could be the best choice for you! 

      That's all about our review for today! Thank you for reading Jennels blog! Say hi to us by leaving some comments down below and don't forget to follow our blog to keep up with our new stories! Have a nice day everyone :)
Open Hours : 10.00 AM - 10.00 PM, closed on Monday
Website :
Telephone : 04 2305 5532
Location : 台中市西區中興一巷22號1樓(R戶)


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