OMAYA 麻藥瘋雞

Happy Tuesday folks! How's your day? This week Jennels will come with a review of a newly opened Korean restaurant that located in Gong Yi Rd. Actually, I have came here before last month, but unfortunately I didn't get to try. I came about 05.40 in the evening and there are so many people already in line. The waitress give an announcement if we still want to wait, they can't give us a certainty about what time we can get inside. Then, I just give up and go to other restaurant. 

The location is easy to reach, either by bus or motorcycle. By bus, you can take 27, 81, 107 bus and get down at 公益公園站. It is just 50 meters away from the bus stop. No need to walk a long road guys!

     A month later, my friends ask me to join them to go this place. Yes, absolutely! But, I should come earlier of course. I came about 1 hours before the opening time, maybe 03.50 in the evening. (it opens at 5pm in the evening). And this time I got to try their food! 

       So excited! The waiter was really nice and explained the menu to us patiently, and also gave us some recommendations what food we should order. That was really thoughtful!

Here's the menu: 
For main dishes, they have in number 1 that divided in 3 sections (A, B, and C)

For each set menu, we can choose either rice or raw veggies, and include the other side dishes. I think for this one, choosing raw veggies will be more worth it, due to veggies are more pricey and they are healthier for you. Eating rice will make you full and you don't want to waste any food, right? So, raw veggies is recommended! 

Menu A
For 2 person or more
(include raw veggies, soup, and side dishes include kimchi and garlic)
春川炒雞排鍋 - 168NT/person
起司春川炒雞排鍋 - 198NT/person

Menu B
For 2 person or more, can choose steak or pork ribs (12 ounce)
(include raw veggies, soup, and side dishes include kimchi and garlic)
12盎司厚切排餐春川炒雞排鍋 - 348NT/person

12 ounce of steak that included to the menu B. It's quite big and thick.

After put all of the ingredient on the pan, then it will be mixed and topped with cheese, and wait about 3 minutes

Menu C

For 2 person or more
(include raw veggies, soup, and side dishes include kimchi and garlic)
李光洙愛情(雙倍起司)春川炒雞排鍋 - 248NT/person

Since we're eating in Korean Restaurant, we should be eating like Koreans too! You just put everything you want in a piece of raw veggies, and pack it into a pocket, then go right into your mouth, yum!!!

Other dishes that I ordered
韓國醬料Q麵 NTD60
I thought I won't full enough, so I ordered some noodles haha!  

海鮮厚煎餅 NTD188
 It's a popular Korean Seafood Pancake, that is made from batter of eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, green onion, and as it's a seafood pancake, there are some shrimp and squid inside this dish. The taste is really good for sure.

韓式炸雞 NTD198
Korean Style Fried Chicken is the king of all! Dipping the chicken in the sauce and get it right in your mouth, then you can feel the sensation of well-fried chicken with yummy cheesy and corny sauce. Yes, it is corny, i mean it has corn in it. This one is a must-try-dish!!!

This one is free appetizer seaweed soup. The waiter will serve this after you finish ordering the food. It may looks simple and not appetizing, but once you have a sip you will exactly want for some more. Don't worry, it is free and refillable, can get much as you want.
For drinks, they have fizz, cotton candy bubbles, beer and soju.
柳橙百香可爾必思(棉) NTD48
       Fizz means it has bubble of gas, like soda or people usually call it carbonated drinks. But it tastes different, because they use fruit as the main ingredient of this drink, and inside it you can find kumquat and lemon.

柳橙百香可爾必思 NTD88
I think the main drink will be this cotton candy drink! It's unique and very cute! I can say it's like an upgraded version of the fizz and then topped with a pile of cotton candy!

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Open Hours : 11.00 AM - 03.00 PM and 05.00 PM - 10.00 PM
Phone : 04 2321 5677
Location : No. 168, Gongyi Rd, West District, Taichung City, 403


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