THAI FOOD 泰鄉味料理店

       Hi Everyone! Hi Taiwan! Have you ever thought of trying some Thai food? Well you don't need to fly to Thailand to enjoy a delicious Thai food for sure, because you can find it in San Min Rd. in Taichung city. It's located in the alley right across Chung-yo Department Store, and it's quite easy to find. 
      If you come here at lunch time (around 12pm to 1pm) or dinner time (around 6pm to 7pm), you will see how crowded this place is and there will be many people waiting in line just to eat their Thailand dishes. But don't worry because they are quite fast in serving the foods and they also provide tables on the 2nd floor.

Let's see the menu, shall we?
There's quite a lot of options to choose from, don't know what to order? Let me introduce some of their dishes (:
炒河粉海鮮 Fried Seafood Rice Noodle (Pad Thai) NTD80
      It's made with soaked dried rice noodles, which are stir fried with tofu, eggs, shrimp, squid, garlic and mixed with many of bean sprout and other vegetables. You can taste sour, sweet, spicy at the same time. Pad Thai is one of the more popular Thai food.
錄咖哩雞 Green Curry Chicken NTD110
      One of the most famous Thai dish, which is based on the coconut milk and fresh green chilies complemented with other ingredients, such as green curry paste, chicken, mushroom, and Thailand basil. 
紅咖哩豬 Red Curry Pork NTD110
       It's quite similar to green curry, but this red curry has more spicy flavor than the sweet flavor which you can find in the Green Curry. They use red curry paste which are cooked together with some slice of pork. It's quite soupy and I recommend you to eat this with a steamy bowl of rice, YUM!     

蝦仁炒飯 Shrimp Fried Rice NTD70
     Fried rice is a common dish, made with steamed rice in a wok and mixed with vegetables, eggs, and some shrimp. But I think it's the herbs and spices which makes this dish somewhat different and more tasty compared to the normal fried rice.
海南雞飯 Hainanese Chicken Rice NTD85
      This is quite popular, not only in Thailand but also in Singapore, Malaysia, and China. In Thailand, it is served with a garnish of cucumber and chicken stock, accompanied with the signature sauce.
打拋豬飯 Fry Pork with rice NTD70
      I think you can find this dish at any Thai restaurant, it's a quite simple dish, consisting of white rice and minced pork. The pork is stir fried in oil with garlic, chillies, small green vegetables like green beans, making this dish so flavorful. Not to miss the fried egg on top of this dish to make it more complete.
月亮蝦餅(全) Full Moon Shrimp Pancake NTD250
     I think this is the best Thai Shrimp Pancake that I've ever tried. It's quite thick, but not full of flour, you can really taste the shrimp inside the pancake and don't forget to dip it into the sauce. It makes it perfect!

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Open Hours : 11.00-14.00, 16.30-20.00. closed on Monday

Phone : 0422259451
Location : No. 166-7, Section 3. Sanmin Rd, North District, Taichung, 404


  1. wanna try it when i was at 台中!! #drolling

    1. Hello there Anslay! Sure you can do! Most of our posts is commonly about restaurants or food in Taichung. Hope you have a nice day!


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