【Taichung】Aztec 阿茲特克墨西哥經典餐廳

      Still in Taichung! Today I'll introduce you guys to a Mexican food, Are you wondering what kind of food they serve? Is it delicious? Absolutely yes. So, this restaurant is located in Xitun District in Taichung city and it's quite far from my place in Chung Hsing University, it takes around 30 minutes by scooter. Worth every drop of my gas, though!

      It's at the right side of Xitun Rd if you're coming from the same way as I do,I can't see their restaurant sign clearly because there are a lot of other shops in there. So, just look for the green colored building to find this Aztec restaurant. Actually, I was wondering what is the meaning of this name and I thought it was just a name and have no meaning, mainly because the Chinese translation is kind of weird, but I was wrong! Aztec means civilization of Central Mexico. Now, it makes sense. haha!

Set A (NTD580 for 2 person)
Set B (NTD580 for 2 person)
Appetizer to Share, Salad, Meat Menu
Meal Menu (Burrito)
Meal Menu (Quesadilla)
Meal Menu (Classic)
Side Dish Menu and Dessert Menu
Beverage Menu

       They offer a lot of choices and it does make me think of what to eat? Every one of them looks so delicious! One of my friend told me to order their set menu, because you can try a variety of food, not just one kind. So, they offer 2 types of set meal, set A or set B and the price is the same for each set (NTD580 for 2). You just need to choose which set do you prefer.
Set A --> 2 Soup, Taco Bowl Salad(8''), Cheese Nachos, Quesadilla, Onion Ring, Carnitta Pork Burritos, 2 drinks, 2 dessert
Set B --> 2 Soup, Caesar Salad, Quesadilla, French Fries, 2 Fish Stick Soft Taco, Baked Chicken with Red Rice, 2 Drinks, 2 Dessert
湯品 Soup NTD60
A classic cream soup, very thick and yummy :p
黃金起司拿卻 Cheese Nachos NTD150
8吋塔可沙拉 Taco Bowl Salad(8'') NTD150
凱薩沙拉 Caesar Salad(M) NTD150
That day I chose sour cream sauce, and its really really sour! I don't know what is it called (the brown one that looks like dry noodles), but it's crispy and matches the vegetables. 
墨西哥薄餅 Quesadilla +  整切洋蔥圈 Onion Ring     
     For this one, I don't really know the price, because its included in the Set A menu and they're not written on the menu. Quesadilla is a Mexican food which is made from a flat piece of bread that is folded and is usually filled with cheese or meat, or other ingredients.
墨西哥薄餅 Quesadilla +  薯條 French Fries NTD150
6吋卡尼塔燉豬肉捲餅 Carnita Pork Burrito(6")
Same one here, they are not on the menu. So, I think you can only try this one if you choose the set A menu.
炸魚柳條軟塔可 Fish Stick Soft Taco - 1個NTD70,3個NTD200
I really like this one, It's a Mexican dish that filled with many cabbages, some slice of tomatoes and also a fish stick inside. You should mix this with their sauce to make it tastier.
焗烤雞肉番茄料飯 Baked Chicken with Red Rice NTD150
It's hot and spicy. No wonder they named it as "Red Rice", red color is identical with spicy, right? I love spicy food, though! Do you? Let me know in the comment down below!
雞腿薄餅組合餐 Grilled Chicken Leg, Grilled Chicken Quesadilla, Herb Potato, Salad NTD240
豬肋排番茄香料飯 Pork Ribs, Mexican Red Rice, Little Taco Bowl Salad NTD340
Be careful! This one is really really spicy (seriously, it is THAT spicy), not only the meat is spicy, but the rice too. If you can't eat spicy food, make sure to tell the waitress first :)
豬肋排薄餅組合餐 Pork Ribs, Grilled Chicken Quesadilla, Herb Potato, Salad NTD360
錫蘭紅茶 Ceylon Black Tea NTD60
墨西哥米奶茶 Horchata NTD60
簡單幸福茶 Special Lemonade with Mint Leaf NTD60
Sour but refreshing.
OREO巧克力冰沙 Oreo Chocolate Freeze NTD110
Really thick and sweet.
每日精選甜點 Special Dessert of the DayNTD50   
       I think they serve different kind of dessert for each day, and that day they served panna cotta. Do you remember panna cotta? A sweet cream thickened with gelatin and molded, and this one is really slushy.
巧克力布朗尼 Chocolate Brownies NTD120
       Although the place is not so big and looks common, but I think their foods are really delicious and worth it. Definitely coming back for more! Yay!

Thank you for reading Jennels blog! What do you think about this restaurant? Say hi to us by leaving comments down below and don't forget to follow our blog to keep up with new stories! Have a nice day everyone :)
Recommended Menu : 炸魚柳條軟塔可 Fish Stick Soft Taco, 豬肋排番茄香料飯 Pork Ribs, Mexican Red Rice, Little Taco Bowl Salad, 墨西哥薄餅 Quesadilla +  薯條 French Fries 
Price range : NTD300-400
Minimum Order : NTD60/person
Open Hours : Monday-Friday : 11.30AM-02.30PM/05.30PM-09.30PM 
                       Saturday-Sunday : 11.30AM-21.30PM
Phone : 04 2461 6219
Location : 
No. 166-49, Section 3, Xitun Rd, Xitun District, Taichung City


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