【Taichung】OFFER OH 昨日花卷 跨界料理

      Happy weekend, friends! How are you today? Winter season always makes me want to sleep all day long and do nothing.haha! But I can’t, my stomach won't let me, it will always call me when I'm hungry. Speaking of food, made me remember a great restaurant that I haven’t shared with you guys yet. Yeah, Offer Oh (昨日花卷) is the name of this restaurant. It’s located at Zhongzheng St. in Taichung and actually, the first time I came here, they say it's already fully booked and I can’t get a seat. So, the second time I came I made a reservation first. Do take note!
Their menu is quite small I think, and its has the English version. So don't need to worry if your Chinese isn't that good :)

You can upgrade your a la carte to a set meal by adding NTD139 for "Set Menu A" or NTD89 for "Set Menu B".

Set A includes :
> Appetizer 
> Soup
> Drink
(NTD100 or less)
> Dessert
(NTD80 or less)

Set B includes :
> Soup
> Drink
(Coca Cola/
Black Tea/Honey Tea/Coffee)
> Dessert
(Panna cotta) 

     First, they serve a kind of chrysanthemum tea called Oh Tea. They said it's called Oh Tea because they grow the tea leaves themselves and it tastes good by the way, my partner really liked it. For the soup, they actually serve different kind of soup everyday, and the soup for that day is Tomato Soup. 

炸海鮮總匯 Fried Seafood Roll NTD420
     I love seafood so much and this one really attracts me. Inside, there are whole lot of various seafood, not only shrimp, but there are also a dried scallop and squid. By the way, they serve it with red rice and I still think its pretty delicious.
     Oh yeah! Not forget to mention, as the name "Roll" implies, they prepare a piece of flat bread for us to put the seafood in with some vegetables, then roll it. Just like the picture below. Additionally, there is a special sauce for this one, tastes somewhat like honey mustard sauce and it goes really well with the bread and the seafood.

九層塔胡椒大蝦 Pepper Shrimp (Pasto Sauce) Burn Rice NTD320
     This one is baked rice, wrapped in some kind of paper, and you need to open it first, then you'll see the rice baked with pesto sauce and extra cheese, and I need to remind you that it's really really hot, so go slow while you eat it.
     I think the taste is similar to a 焗烤 or Italian baked rice. Inside the rice, you can find one really big prawn, just like its name "大蝦" or Big Prawn (or shrimp? If you know the difference, let me know in the comment down below!). I didn't expect it to be that big for sure.haha! 

 << 黃金柚子茶
Honey Citron Tea NTD100 柚子 means oriental grapefruit or pomelo and its the yellow one in the bottom of this tea. 

              雪碧 Sprite NTD50 >> 
    No explanation needed, right?^.^

提米 Tiramisu Latte NTD140
     Who doesn't know tiramisu? Though there are a lot of different variety of Tiramisu, this particular one is really fluffy, a bit sweet, but the cocoa powder makes the flavor just perfect. 
奶酪 Panna Cotta NTD50
     I am not a big fan of panna cotta, but this one tastes pretty good :p The structure is really soft, topped with caramel and vanilla cream, makes it smells nice and sweet.

That's it for now, guys! All in all, Offer Oh is a pretty unique restaurant with the Roll Menu, and definitely worth a try, kinda pricey though, recommended nonetheless!
Have a nice weekend! :D

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Recommended Menu : 招牌花圈 Oh Roll, 炸海鮮總匯 Fried Seafood Roll, 奶酪 Panna Cotta
Price : NTD400 up
Open Hours : Monday-Friday, 11.00AM-02.30PM & 05.00PM-10.00PM
                     Saturday-Sunday, 11.00AM-10.00PM
Phone : 04 2326 6984
For more infromation : www.facebook.com/offeroh
Location : No. 91, Zhongcheng St, West District Taichung City, 403


  1. I feel that "fat" cheesecake really charming one lol

  2. Some Australian say it's a shrimp, but in America they called it a prawn :)

  3. Looks nice! Definitely on my to-eat list! thanks!


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