【Taichung】La Pala Pizzeria Ristorante 鏟子義大利餐廳

      Happy New Year for all Jennels blog readers out there! I can't believe that 2015 is over, but our blog stories won't end up right there. We will do a review for a cool Italian restaurant called La Pala Pizzeria Ristorante or in Chinese it is called 鏟子. It is really suitable for spending a New Year's Eve night, hanging out with your cool friends while enjoying some good food and drinks. We were seated on the second floor, it is all decorated with a vintage Italian style, could bring up that comfie sensation while you're enjoying the food.

Let's get started with the menu:
      The menu book is glued on a cutting board and you can open it into a long menu book. Such a simple and unique idea!
     The menu is divided into sections: Appetizer, Salad, Pizza, White Pizza, Calzone, Spagetthi, and the main course, such as steak, seafood platter, and German pork knuckle. Next is the drink list:
Already can't wait for the food!! 
Gimme them right now!! Yes, we will show you right away:
Insalata di Caesar 凱薩沙拉 NTD220
     Our starter for today goes to Caesar Salad, with a bunch of chopped romaine, bacon, topped with Caesar salad dressing and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. It is exactly suitable for an appetizer, and you can taste all the freshness and goodly healthy from the veggies. The bacon gives it the rich saltiness to the entire dish, it is a really good companion for the salad. It's such a good start, let's continue to the next goodness!
Patatine e Salsiccia 薯條熱狗 NTD280
      It is such a mind blowing concept which is topping a pizza with a bunch of french fries! It's like taking the pizza to the next level. An absolutely cool way to eat a pizza! Don't ask me much about this, cause it's freakinly delicious. 
Attilio Carnevale 阿蒂紅色狂歡星 NTD330
     Starry starry night with a starry pizza. Topped with ricotta and mozza cheese, da' bacons and some basil leaves. Simple toppings but it is heavenly good. And, one secret for you guys, the ricotta cheese is hiding under the starry-like bread on the side. Cute little fluffy deliciousness, yumm!
Linguine alla Pescatora 清炒鮮蝦小卷細扁麵 NTD350
     Actually, in Taiwan, there are so many Italian restaurants selling pasta, pizza, and so on. Too many places that we become confused, like we are in Taiwan, Asia, but we could eat pasta or pizza like once a week. The pasta dishes here is great too. This one is stir fried pasta with tomato and seafood. It looks a little bit mushy there, but trust me, it tastes awesome.
Linguine alla mare di pesto 甜蘿勒青醬海鮮細扁麵 NTD320
      Who can resist the freshness of seafood with aromatic pesto sauce in one pasta dish. The sauce itself is a little bit nutty and creamy. It is suitable also for the seafood dipping sauce. 
Prosciutto di Parma e rucola 帕瑪火腿芝麻葉 NTD400
     Here we go with some pizza again, guys. Basic tomato and cheese topping and what makes it more different is the rucola leaves up there. Take a piece, top it with some rucola greens, and go right into your mouth. Rucola leaves have a special taste and aroma that will bring that pizza up to the next level!
Pesto con Gamberetto Zucchini 青醬鮮蝦節瓜 NTD330
      This is a pizza without tomato paste base, so it is called white pizza. But, actually it is topped with pesto sauce and some cheese. Surprisingly, this combination is exactly awesome! The perfectly cooked shrimps and zucchinis. A must try!
Pizza bomb e gambaretti 披薩球佐番茄辣蝦醬 NTD260
      Be careful! It is pizza bomb!!! Yass, it tastes bomb! Cut the pizza bread, and topped it with the spicy shrimp sauce served on the side. Literally mind blowing. 
提拉米蘇 Tiramisu & Cheesecake
     Many people said that there always be a room for dessert! Yes, it's true. Authentic Tiramisu and Cheesecake topped with Italian biscuit are perfect. 

Once again, we wish you all Happy New Year, all the best for the following year! Good luck and keep on reading our stories, because Jennels are going to do some cool reviews for a fresh start in 2016!

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Recommended menu : Pesto con Gamberetto Zucchini 青醬鮮蝦節瓜,Pizza bomb e gambaretti 披薩球佐番茄辣蝦醬, Linguine alla Pescatora 清炒鮮蝦小卷細扁麵, Attilio Carnevale 阿蒂紅色狂歡星
Price : NTD300-400
For more information : https://zh-tw.facebook.com/La.Pala.Pizzeria
Open Hours : 11.30AM-10.00PM
Phone : 04 2301 3996
Location : No. 165, Zhongxing St, West District, Taichung City


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