Kuishinbou 食いしん坊 (貪吃鬼)

     It's almost December 25th and you know what that means? Christmas time! Yeah! I can say that December is one of my favorite month, because in my country this month is identical with long holiday and Christmas present. And I really like the atmosphere, malls and streets are well decorated. How about your favorite month? Let me know through comment below :)
     Today, I wanna talk about Kuishinbou. Do you ever heard that? A unique name for a dessert cafe that located in Wu quan yi St. The place is tiny but very interesting. 
Front Desk
       Their menu is handwritten, so cute, small and sticked on the front desk. Everyday they serve different flavors of dessert and not with many choices. (It's a good thing though, because we just have to get 'em all. haha!) That day, There are only four flavors for dessert : Chocolate Brownie with Raspberry, Caramel Apple Brownie, Earl Grey Cheesecake, and Milk Cheesecake.
Handwriting Menu
After ordering, you need to pay first. So prepare your money :p
Then, you can freely looking for whatever seat do you want. They have different table and design for it.  It's more like home I think. The place is nice for a simple tea time and relaxing after a busy school or work day.
      In here you also can see so many unique things. It doesn't make the place looks messy, but looks vintage and different. You can see many kind of old books, pictures, furniture, glasses and so on. 
       Didn't have to wait too long for the cakes to be served!. I only ordered 3 flavors that day, because the other one, Milk Cheesecake was sold out. What a pity. Next time I won't loose the chance to try that one.  
伯爵乳酪蛋糕 Earl Grey Cheesecake NTD110
It is Earl Grey flavored cheesecake, and surprisingly the combination matches very well! It is really delicious and soft like sponge but also rich and creamy. Very nice combo! Jennels truly recommend this for you guys!
巧克力覆盆莓可布朗 Chocolate Brownie with Raspberry NTD120
An impressive chocolate brownie with raspberry in it. Best eaten when it's warm, so that you can feel the melted chocolate sensation! It is fudgy and also rich in chocolate taste. When you eat it with the walnut and cream, yeassssss it is PERFECT too!
焦糖蘋果可布朗 Caramel Apple Brownie NTD120   
 A slice of cake filled with creamy caramel and sweet, juicy apple chunks in every bite, then topped with cream which make it tastier. Also best eaten when it's warm.
For drinks, they have coffee, tea, fruit-flavored drink, cold and hot.
Oh yeah, by the way you can refill your drink if order a hot drink. Sounds good, right?
You can enjoy talking with friends while drink a hot one, moreover in this kind of weather. It's perfect!
手沖咖啡 -- 尼加拉瓜 NTD120
        Hand drip coffee using coffee bean from Nicaragua. It has dried fruit sour taste, like pineapple and plum. Free refill for it, better drink when it's hot. Best companion for the tea time, matches well with the cakes.  
冰咖啡歐蕾 NTD130
       Coffee ice cube with milk, it is such a better idea to drink your cafe au lait! No need to add more ice, because ice can lighten the taste of the coffee and milk. Tastes milky and not too coffee. No sugar added in the drink, so it isn't as sweet as ordinary coffee mix. Good to go!

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Recommended menu : 伯爵乳酪蛋糕 Earl Grey Cheesecake, 巧克力覆盆莓可布朗 Chocolate Brownie with Raspberry
Price : NTD150-250
Open Hours : 01.00PM-06.00PM Closed on Monday & Tuesday
Phone : 04 2372 0916
Location :  台中市西區五權一街162巷1弄3號


  1. I really like this :) can't wait to read another post! By the way,there is no Christmas holiday in Taiwan. So sad…


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