Little Fiesta 小墨西哥

      Hello bello! This week Jennels is up with a review of el restaurante Mexicano! It's unique, styled with Mexican style, and of course the food are absolutely bombing! Suitable for just a simple lunch dinner or celebrating something special with your friends. 

        It seems like they are having a party all day long. Look at those flashy fringes and colorful chairs. It is beautifully decorated with many ornaments and the wall itself is painted with cool paintings. We can absolutely feel like we're in Mexico right now.

At first after you are seated, the waiter will give you a welcome nachos. It's free and freakin' delicious. Grab the nacho and dip it right into the salsa sauce. Heavenly delicious!

        Next, we will talk about the menu. It is divided into some sections: starters, buffalo wings, tacos, BBQ sandwiches, quesadillas, enchiladas, salad, fajitas, barbecue dinners, beverages, and set menus. It all looks appetizing, but we have made choices to these, let's get started!

Two Meats Dinner in Brisket and Pork Ribs NTD 490
          Who does not love meat for sure? These are quite fancy for any meat-lovers out there! As you can see above, there's soo many stuff included in one dish, they get you brisket steak slices, pork ribs, tortillas, BBQ sauce, and Mexican side dishes. Every time you go to any Mexican restaurants, they will serve Red Bean Soup as the side dishes. I'm not lying but is quite a bomb right there. Must get a sip of it!! And, how do we eat this? Easy pissy, just grab the a piece of tortilla, spread some BBQ sauce, put some meat on it and maybe some vegies too, and pack into a pocket or just rollin' and that's it! 

Carne Asada Steak and Onion NTD 279
       Quesadillas is ready to surprise y'all! Cheesy and fully stuffed with steak cubes and vegies thingy is sooo delicious. This also included so many things in one dish, as you can see above, there's the main character quesadillas, some Mexican fried rice (I think), 3 kinds of Mexican sauces (salsa, tartar, and guacamole), and not forgetting the Red Bean Soup! Mexican delicacies is all about tangy and strong flavors, and also Cilantro which is always putted in every dishes. Some people may not be a big fan like myself because cilantro has that unique fragrant and taste, but in this case, especially in this restaurant, I can eat peacefully, don't have to worry about it, though there're tons of it. And not forget to mention, I especially recommend the guacamole sauce right there, it's fresh, tangy, and light. So tasty, and you can refill the sauce if you want! 

      That's all about our review for this week, and don't forget that lately the weather in here will be freezing as hell, so pop up your jackets and mufflers guys! Dont catch any cold 'cause Christmas is coming soon! 

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Budget : NTD 200 up
Open Hours : Monday-Friday, 11.30AM - 02.30PM & 05.00PM - 10.00PM
Saturday-Sunday, 11.00AM - 03.00PM & 05:00PM - 10.00PM
Phone : 04 2378 5587
Location : 台中市西區五權西四街106號


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