I can't believe it's December already. Last month is really a busy month, with all the midterm exams, and all the events in my university, phew.... Fortunately, I have friends who always cheers me up and accompany me. So, at that time, my best friend came to Taichung, and we need someplace nice to have dinner together, and someone recommended TINO'S PIZZA Cafe to us. I really love pizza, so... we booked it immediately! Here goes..
       The TINO'S PIZZA that I went to is the one located on Meicun Rd. I came earlier than the booking time, and as expected from my friends, no one has arrived yet (XD). So I went inside first, and look at the menu. They serve 4-Person Set Menu and 2-Person Set Menu for couples. Awesome! Now we can try many kind of foods with a good price.
Lunch Meal Set (Mon-Fri)
2-Person Set Menu
4-Person Set Menu
Pizzas, Snacks and Dessert (A La Carte)
Rice&Spaghetti, Focaccia, and Beverages (A La Carte)
      While waiting for my friends to come, I take a look around the restaurant on the second floor, not too spacious but cozy, nonetheless. I took so many picture, maybe the waiter thought I'm a tourist who never eat in a restaurant. Hahaha!

Thirty minutes later, finally my friends have arrived and we can order the foods!

      For appetizers, we have Roasted Vegetables and TINO'S Appetizer Platter. The Roasted Vegetables consist of... vegetable (duh?) and a mix of corns, potatoes, tomatoes, and melted cheese on top of it all. For TINO'S appetizer platter, There are two pieces of fried chicken wing (It's delicious, I swear), fish nugget and french fries, not to forget the lemon and the dips. For me, I like the TINO’S appetizer platter more, well cause I don't really like vegetables...(Remember kids, vegetables are good for your body, though)

爐烤時蔬 Roasted Vegetables NTD140
堤諾拼盤 TINO'S Appetizer Platter NTD199
Onto the Main Course! --> Rice, Spaghetti, and Pizza!
經典肋眼牛肉烤飯 Grilled Rib Eye Steak Paella NTD280
茄香海鮮烤緬 Baked Seafood Spaghetti NTD340
Creamy seafood pasta with shrimps, prawns, and scallops, simmered in tomato sauce and mixed with the spaghetti. The taste is not too sour, not too sweet, just perfect. My favorite! Though it's a hard choice between this or the Rib Eye Steak Paella, which is also mouth-watering...
綜合乳酪 Formaggio NTD160
Looks really simple and plain, but it's actually tasty. Cheese and honey as a topping make it taste sweet and salty at the same time.  
You can choose 2 type of Pizza here --> Rome or Napoli.
Rome Pizza(R) is 12" and cut into 8 pieces. (Crispy & Thin)
Napoli Pizza(N) is 9" and cut into 6 pieces. (Thick)
You can choose Rome or Napoli for ALL choice of Pizza, so don't worry.
卡佈里蒜香總匯 Caprese Club(N) NTD260
堤諾先生 Signore Tino(N)  NTD200
西西里蒜味海鮮 Frutti di Mare(R) NTD370
Frutti di Mare literally means "Fruit of the Sea", I guess that's why there are many seafood like prawns and squids as the topping. It's so yummy! No wonder it became one of the owner's recommendation.

綜合莓果甜星 Berries NTD160 
It's called Sweet Crustar, a kind of star-shaped sweet pizza. Really cute, right? Not only cute though, this dessert is really, really good, I didn't expect it since I'm not a big fan of berries, but this one definitely deserves a thumbs up! The sweet and sour taste of the berry jam really matches the crunchiness of this pizza.  
冰焦糖珍珠拿鐵 Iced Caramel Bubble Caffe Latte NTD110
      Caffe Latte is a type of coffee, made primarily from espresso and steamed milk. But, this caffe latte has one little difference which makes it unique to other caffe latte, they added pearl bubbles (you know, the ones you find inside a Bubble Milk Tea) into the coffee. It's quite unique, right? You can taste coffee flavor and chewy pearl bubbles. 

香蕉奇異果冰沙 Kiwi Fruit & Banana Smoothie NTD110
I think Kiwi and banana are an unusual combination of fruit. But, this Kiwi and Banana Smoothie proves me wrong, this beverage is both healthy and delicious!

蘋果冰茶 Iced Apple Tea NTD70
        It's basically made from black tea enhanced with apple flavor, that's why its looks like a black tea, but there's a hint of apple flavor in the taste.

       Overall, the food and the atmosphere are awesome. Definitely going to come again for the sweet crustar and my favorite baked seafood spaghetti! XD

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Recommended Menu : 綜合莓果甜星 Berries, 茄香海鮮烤緬 Baked Seafood Spaghetti, 西西里蒜味海鮮 Frutti di Mare, 綜合乳酪 Formaggio, 堤諾拼盤 TINO'S Appetizer Platter
Budget : NTD300-400
Open Hours : Monday-Sunday, 11.00AM-09.30PM
Phone : 04 2378 7618
Location : No. 606, Section 1, Meicun Rd, West District, Taichung City
Website : www.tinospizza.com.tw


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