Anping Tree House 安平樹屋

       Have you ever heard about a Tree House? It's a house that among the trunks and branches of the tree. Sounds really cool, right? How about Anping Tree House ?
      Anping Tree House (安平樹屋) is located in the Tainan Anping District, Taiwan. The house looks like it merged into one with the tree. The architecture is really unique and the place has that mysterious atmosphere.
       Long time ago this place was an old empty house, but in 2004 it was redesigned by Tainan government and is now one of the most popular tourism places. Here, we can also learn about the history of this Anping Tree House. 

    This place is really nice for those of you who love photography and are interested with the architecture. You can take amazing shots of the tree by taking the stairs to the second floor, it's all green and fresh.

View from the 2nd Floor
   After wandering around the tree house, you can find a water wheel that you can manually cycle. At that time there are not so many people lining up to play with it, how lucky I am! Now I can ride it as long as I want. Haha!

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Opening Hours : 8.30AM-05.30PM
Ticket : NT$50/Adult, NT$25/Concession
            Free entrance for Tainan citizens with Identity card
Phone : 06 391 3901
Location : No. 108, Gubao St, Anping District, Tainan City, 708


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