Tsou-Ma-Lai 走馬瀨農場

TSOU-MA-LAI (走馬瀨農場)
     Tsou-Ma-Lai. I think this is a very unique name. Why? Because in Chinese, "Tsou" means walking or running, "Ma" means horse, "Lai" means swift river. So if you combine this 3 words then it will mean horse running across the river.haha! But, who knows how does  "Tsoumalai" got its name actually?
    Tsoumalai is located in Tainan Danei district and is a recreational place now. It has a really vast space for total area about 120 hectares with the view of green pasture and forest.
     The atmosphere is really relaxing here, you can feel the fresh air, enjoy the beauty of nature and also do some outdoor activities; such as bike riding, cycling a "Swan Boat", crossing a rope bridge, boat-riding, playing golf in a driving range, etc.
  This place is suitable for you guys who want to enjoy your leisure holiday. Not only tourists, but there are also a lot Taiwanese who like to come here. When I was there, some Tainan students from xxx University is holding an event; they run and play all over the place happily. 
    Like I said before, Tsoumalai is really big. Apart from all the grasses and trees, they also have restaurants and hotels, but one thing that disappoints me, is that some parts of this place isn't really well maintained. Some area looks less maintained and definitely need some improvement. 
    Overall, this place is really awesome for everyone who likes nature and loves doing outdoor activities in their spare time! Come and visit Tsoumalai! (:

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Open Hours : 09.00AM-05.00PM/weekdays
Phone : 06 576 0121
Location : No. 60, Qiziwa, Danei Dist, Tainan City 742, Taiwan

For more info : www.farm.com.tw


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