Chiku Lagoon 七股潟湖, Chiku Mounds 七股鹽田

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     Just three days ago I went on a school trip to Tainan for 2 days 1 night. Wow! I was so excited, although I've been there before. It's so much fun, especially if you go there with your friends, not only you enjoy the trip more, but also have some happy memory together :D

Here we go...

七股潟湖 (Chiku Lagoon)

      This Chiku Lagoon is located in the Chiku area in Tainan, Taiwan.  It takes about 2 hours by bus from Taichung. You can roast the oysters and clams yourself and eat it, and they also serve a delicious fish soup there. Sounds yummy, right? Furthermore, you can eat the oysters as many as you want! I ate like 2 plates myself, haha.. But, it takes more time to broil an oyster than a clam, so you need to be patient until the shell opens, which means your oyster is ready to eat! or else your oyster won't taste good.


      After satisfying eating oyster and clam, you can explore the sea by boat and the instructor will explain everything about lagoon's ecology, mangrove forest area, coastal plan, and also how to fish the oyster that you eat before. It's about 1 hour boat-ride and maybe you would be a little bored if you are not interested with these kind of things. But, if you're interested then it will be very exciting and you also learn something new!
Oyster Farm
Mangrove Forest
PS: Bring a jacket with you

七股鹽田(Chiku Mounds)

Chiku Salt Mountain
     Chiku mounds or "Salt Mountain", as people usually call it, is also located in Chiku area and it takes about 10 minutes from Chiku Lagoon. I was a little disappointed actually. Why? Because the pile of white salt isn't white anymore, It has turned grey ): 
   The stair is so slippery, so you need to be careful and watch your step. After you reached the top of this Salt Mountain, you can see the beautiful scenery and it's feels so good being there.

        Although the wind is so strong, I still feel like I'm going to burn in the sun because it's really really hot there. Fortunately, I found an ice cream stall, and eating ice cream in this kind of weather feels so refreshing. In the area, there is a huge Maneki-Neko statue (it's a cat that symbolizes fortune). Wish I can get a good luck after taking a photo with the statue. Haha!

PS : Wearing a hat isn't recommended

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