Pash Burger 傻子漢堡

Hi! Last week I was in the mood for a hamburger :p
Yeah! Burger for my lunch. What's yours? Let me know in the comment below!
Honestly, who doesn't love a good hamburger? Combined with great atmosphere and cozy ambience, and you have Pash Burger! (But seriously, I don't even know if Pash is an English word or not) Anyway, here goes!
           Pash Burger is located near the Linsen Rd and Wu Quan Rd. intersection; it's quite easy to spot due to the big "Pash Burger" billboard on top of the restaurant. At first I thought it was “Ash Burger", I was like, "What would an Ash Burger tastes like? but then i look again and I realized that it is spelled "Pash Burger" LoL! It just made me more confused.
          The first thing that I do is look for the menu that showed in front of the restaurant and wait in line to order the foods. After waiting patiently for quite some time, I was so excited to order but then the waitress said the cashier is for people who wants to take away(外帶) :/
         It appears that we should've just went inside the restaurant if you would like to dine in (Please don't make the same mistake as we do...) Inside, you can see many framed portraits hung on the wall! A particular one caught my attention, it is about a statistics about the amount of calories you consume by eating a hamburger made by a number of popular fast food chains (M*Donalds being one of them).
       I really liked the interior design, it's really cozy and relaxing. I forgot to take a picture of my seat, but we got lucky and sat on a sofa. You can relax, enjoy the food, read a magazine, but unfortunately, guests may only stay for 2 hours max.
Let's see the menu for 內用(Dine In)È
蘑菇白醬牛肉漢堡 Double Cheese Burger with Mushroom Sauce NT$160 for a la carte. 
Beef patty is mixed with mushroom sauce and formed into the patties. Then topped with slices of onions and melted cheese. Definitely a classic, and you can never go wrong with a double cheese burger! I'd definitely recommend this if you don't know what to get. 
手工花生醬雙層牛肉堡 Peanut Butter Bacon Burger NT$160 for a la carte.
I like peanut butter, and love bacon, why not combine them? Here we have a hamburger patty topped with slice of smoked bacon, spinach and of course the peanut butter for that sweet flavour, get this if you don't like a "normal" hamburger!
起司雞肉餃 Deep Fried Tortelli NT$120
This one is filled with chicken and cheese like its name in chinese. Its really crispy in the outside.
Mozarella Cheese Burger with Tomato & Fresh Basil Pesto NT$160
This is also use beef as a meet that flavor with pesto sauce.
With just NTD100 you can upgrade your a la carte order to a set meal. You will also get these, other than your burger :
1. Drink with free refill (softdrink or tea) or non refillable (juice or coffee)
2. Mini Salad/French Fries (3 Choices of Dips)/Desert of The Day
The choice of dipping for fries are spicy tomato, garlic cheese, and honey mustard. And this one is the garlic cheese.
So what are you waiting for?

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Open Hours : Tuesday-Sunday 12.00PM-08PM, closed on Monday
Telp : 0423759113
Location : No. 212-3, Linsen Rd, West District, Taichung City, 403


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